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Authentic yet Casual Tea Ceremony Workshops in Hayama Town

Sae Yamane @yamaneko.hayama, editor and writer of LOCAL FOCUS will hold bilingual tea ceremony workshops at Shiosai Park in Hayama Town located about one hour southwest to Tokyo.

These will be casual, fun, and kids friendly workshops for Japanese and non-Japanese that one can experience authentic Japanese tea ceremony at one of two traditional tea houses in the well-maintained Japanese garden that used to be part of Emperor's villa by Isshiki Beach.

・April 22nd, Sat: 10am / 11am (table & chair @ Shiomi-tei Tea Room)

・April 30th, Sun: 1pm / 2pm / 3pm (tatami room @ Ikkei-an Tea Room. Small chairs will be provided for the ones who would not feel comfortable with sitting on tatami mats. Please bring a pair of clean socks)

May 10th, Wed: 10am / 11am / Noon (table & chair @ Shiomi-tei Tea Room)


Hayama Shiosai ParkAddress: 2123-1 Isshiki, Hayama Town, Miura-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture)

*Park information:

・Adult (13 years and older): ¥3,500

・Parent-child (one parent and one child under 12 years old): ¥5,500

Fee includes a Japanese traditional confection, a bowl of matcha green tea, instruction in casual English, and Shiosai Park entrance fee.


Please email those information  below to

・your name


・Day and time that you would like to participate

* Please write "Shiosai Park Tea Ceremony" in the subject line.

*If you did not receive a reply within 24 hours, please send a short mail to 090-5772-2323.

30% of a cancellation fee will be applied if you cancel within three days of your reservation.

The cancellation notice must be made by e-mail to

Thank you for your understanding.

Kicha [kisa]

A unit of an Omote-senke Tea ceremony master and her students with the aim of providing an opportunity to both Japanese and non-Japanese who are not familiar with traditional tea ceremony or even children to experience the essence of Japanese culture through tea ceremony in casual, relaxing atmosphere in Kamakura and Hayama area.

We will be wearing kimono made of denim which we think suitable to the casual beach town and also it's always fun to add a modern twist to the tradition.


We have introduced about Japanese tea ceremony on P. 018 and P. 025, information on the places where you can enjoy a bowl of matcha green tea in Kamakura area, and also beach guide and brief info on the neighboring towns including Hayama Town (p.193-p.196) in our local guidebook LOCAL FOCUS.

We are looking forward to sharing precious "ichi-go ichi-e" moment by having a bowl of green tea.

"ichi-go ichi-e"

@yamaneko.hayama @localfocusjapan









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