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How to Enjoy Japanese Food 101 

Learn basic Japanese table manners while dining on shojin-ryori 

(Buddhist vegan cuisine) 

​2019.8.24 Sat

Do you ever face challenges over not knowing proper Japanese table etiquette or how to deal with unfamiliar food when dining with Japanese business acquaintances or at the home of a Japanese friend?

This is your opportunity to learn basic table manners while enjoying an authentic Japanese meal of Buddhist vegan cuisine (shojin-ryori) at Hachinoki, one of Kita-Kamakura’s long-standing Japanese restaurants. With the help of an English interpreter, the restaurant owner, Mr. Joji Fujikawa, will guide you through helpful tips on Japanese table etiquette, teach you the main differences between Japanese and Western cuisine, explain the foods that most Westerners have trouble appreciating, the relationship between Zen philosophy and shojin-ryori, and more. 

For this event we have reserved a private room to ensure that all participants have a chance to learn the basics of Japanese food and table manners in a relaxed atmosphere.
We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have on Japanese food and give you detailed instructions on how to properly hold chopsticks. While dining, Mr. Fujikawa will explain the different types of dishes and how they are prepared. 


  2019.8.24 Sat 

1:00pm - 2:30pm


Hachinoki Kita-Kamakura Branch

(Western-style table seating in a private room)



Includes Authentic shojin-ryori lunch, Lecture, Tax, ​Private room fee, Service fee,  English translation, Resume) 


Shojin-ryori was introduced by China to Japan along with Zen ideas in the Kamakura Period (‎1185–1333), and together with other arts that developed around Zen principles, such as the tea ceremony, it has been refined into an original style that continues to be appreciated today.

Hachinoki Kita-Kamakura Branch is a shojin-ryori restaurant located amidst the deep greenery of Kita-Kamakura, and is surrounded by the temples in Japan belonging to the Zen sect of Buddhism, among them the first training monastery of Kencho-ji Temple. 

Although authentic Japanese food has become available abroad, authentic shojin-ryori is hard to come across even in Japan. 

Even for those who aren’t vegetarian or vegan, it is a dining experience you shouldn’t miss while you are in Japan. 

Photos (left & above): Provided by Hachinoki

In particular, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about Japanese cuisine and shojin-ryori from Mr. Fujikawa, who was born and raised right outside the gates of Kencho-ji Temple, and who has prepared hundreds of meals for Zen temples and tea ceremonies in Kamakura, and has been passing on the culture and spirit of Japan to future generations. 

​               Mr. Joji Fujikawa

President of Hachinoki Limited Private Company

​(Featured on P. 027 in "PEOPLE" section on LOCAL FOCUS



Photo: Taisuke Yokoyama

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​Cancellation Policy

・Cancellation received before August 18, 5:00pm (Japan Time) will incur a 10% administration fee.

​・Cancellation received after August 18, 5:00pm (Japan Time) will not be eligible for a refund.


We regret that we cannot accommodate small children for this venue since the restaurant does not have a children’s menu and to the extent possible we would like to ensure a calm and quiet atmosphere for all participants. 




Address: 350 Yamanouchi,

Kamakura- City

​Kanagawa Pref. Japan

For those new to Japanese cuisine those who feel some apprehension about entering a formal Japanese restaurant, those who already know a lot about Japanese food, or those who simply would like to take a break from their busy lives to enjoy some time amidst the quiet greenery of Kita-Kamakura, please join us! 

​Event organized by The Blue Co., Ltd

Contact: TEL: 046-895-1735

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