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晴にあらず 雨にあらず 睡蓮の天 山にあらず 林にあらず 在家の仙 一日を一生として 興究まりなし 老楽は唯至善を行うに在り

西行 (1118-1190) (武士、僧侶、歌人)

Extreme Goodness

Whether it rains or shines, the water lilies will bloom. Whether I live in the mountains or woods, I will live and die as those before me. Thus, with boundless amusement, I live out each day as if a lifetime, The joy of aging lies in deeds of extreme goodness.

Twelfth Century samurai warrior, Zen practitioner, and poet Saigyo (1118–1190)

Translation by Norie Lynn Fukuda-Matsushima (chief translator/copy editor for LOCAL FOCUS)



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