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                  Authentic tea ceremony "Ichi-go Ichi-e" workshop


                             An authentic tea ceremony “ICHI-GO-ICHI-E” workshop in a quiet tea hut

                                               in the picturesque town of Kita-Kamakura



   ●Date & Time:Jan 27 2019  1:00pm-3:00pm


    12:50pm: Door open

    1:00pm -1:50pm: Tour of a tea house and lecture about CHA NO YU

      < 10 minutes break>

    2:00pm -3:00pm: Traial session of CHA NO YU "Ichi-go-ichi-e"

  ●Venue: Private tea house in Kita-Kamakura

       *It is about 15 minutes walk from Kita-Kamakura-Station 

       *Address will be provided when you signed up.

  ●Fee: 5000JPY / person (including matcha green tea, Japanese sweet, and English translation)

     *We accept paypal, or prior bank deposit transrer.

      The details will be provided when you signed up.

  ●Maxiam occupancy:6people

  ●How to sign up; Please send your "name, then number of your party, cel phone#" by e-mail to;      


      ●Deadline to sign up: :Jan 25th, Friday

      ●Dress codes : Smart casual 

                          *Please bring freshly washed socks(better to be in color of white,if possible)and change to them when you enter a

                                   tatami room.

                              *We recommend you not to wear tight bottoms. 

                                *Please refrain from wearing perfume with storong-smelling.

                                *Chairs and cushions will be available for the ones who do not feel comfortable sitting on tatami mats.


     ●Instractor: Kiyoko Kawano, Certified instructor of Omote Senke

                        *About Omote Senke

      *Brief guide on "CHA NO YU, Tea Ceremony" is on p. 018 in LOCAL FOCUS.

       *Kita-Kamakura area guide is provided on p. 165- p.178 in LOCAL FOCUS.

Unlike the “quick and easy” tea ceremony experience for tourists, where you are simply served a bowl of matcha tea and confections, in this event, participants are offered a chance to practice sado, or “the way of tea,” on their own.

The experience begins by entering the low “nijiri-guchi” (“wriggling-in entrance”) to the tea hut. While waiting for the water to boil, a local tea master will give instructions on how to handle and use traditional tea utensils, from bowl to whisk. 

The purpose of this event is not only to learn the steps of “sado” (“the way of tea”) but also to experience the Zen spirit of the samurai warriors, who once inhabited this region when the Buddhist temples were thriving. That Zen spirit is best captured by the phrase “ICHI-GO-ICHI-E,” referring to the state of awareness that death may arrive at any time, thus drawing focus to the preciousness of the moment. 

This workshop is open to those without any previous tea ceremony experience, and to those who have experienced it as guests, but who want to learn more. 

To deepen the experience, we will also be providing English interpretation throughout the event.

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