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Meet The Team

​Mariko Miki


Over a span of twenty years, while working in public relations, Mariko hosted a nature program for swimming with wild dolphins in the ocean. 

She established The Blue Co., Ltd. to help spread awareness of lifestyles that are harmonic with nature.


​Sae Yamane


Brought up in Tokyo, Sae is an editor and writer on the topics

of travel, food, and personalities, and is also a Bach Flower 

Essence practitioner. She runs a small cafe located close to a beautiful beach in Hayama.

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Sousuke Hirai

Graphic Designer

For most of his career, Sosuke was primarily involved in the production side of corporate advertising.

As a Kamakura resident of ten years, he immersed himself in advertising work and personal fine art works. Since moving to Hayama, he has been involved in many local events and productions.



Sarah Goff


Sarah enjoyed living in nearby Zushi and traveling the world while experiencing different cultures. Since her studies of photography at college in San Diego, CA, she has pursued her passion in photography for over 15 years.

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​Taisuke Yokoyama


Ever since the 1960s, the life of this Kamakuraite has revolved around surfing. As a photographer, he is known for his book, surfers,a collection of photographs of world famous wave riders.

In spring 2017, Taisuke established Surf Magazine, a Japanese surfer's magazine.




​Special Thanks to


Norie Lynn Fukuda-Matsushima :

  Chief Translator/Copy Editor (English text)                                           

Official Promotion Video Crew

  Go Nakamura :    Drone footage (L.S.W.F Co., Ltd)


  George Kodama :Video direction (birds creation)


  Hideyuki Iwasaki: Videography (NINJIN LAB)


​  Kazz Tsuji (Music): 

 Kamakura City Board of Education, Cultural Assets Division
 Kamakura City Tourist Association
 Fujisawa City Tourist Association

 Kanagawa Prefectual Government   


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