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Past Events


How to Enjoy Japanese Food 101 


Learn basic Japanese table manners while dining on shojin-ryori (Buddhist vegan cuisine)


​Authentic Tea Ceremony



Experience "sado", "the way of tea" at a private tea house in Kita-Kamakura where the Zen spirit of the samurai warriors still remain.

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​Kamakura Museum Tour


Tour of the Kamakura Museum of National Treasures  and the Kamakura-bori (Kamakura-style lacquerware) Museum, Shojin-ryori (Budeist vegan cuisine) lunch served on Kamakura-bori ware, and visit to a Kamakura-bori studio.


A relay-circulation of LOCAL FOCUS Vol.1 at local stores and special collaborative menus

2019.2.2 - 3.15

A sample copy or LOCAL FOCUS will be placed at a selection of stores and guesthouses featured in the guidebook.

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