A Japan Guide to Nature, Culture, and Community


Vol.1 Kamakura & Enoshima

​鎌倉 & 江ノ島


A convenient and handy all-in-one English guidebook to offer non-Japanese access to the local community’s experience of Japan as if they had a local guide alongside them. 

Available in E-book and Paperback

Vol. I features the historic town of Kamakura along with Enoshima, the island connected to the town by a bridge. Enoshima Island will serve as the venue for the sailing competitions in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

They are conveniently located one​ hour from Tokyo, so why don't you hop on a train and head to those charming towns to explore the history of samurai, zen culture, and the places and people we, the local creators picked?

News & Information

Mar.6 2020

​As a follow-up to the last post on a film director associated with Kamakura, Yasujiro Ozu, today I would like to introduce Hirokazu Kore-eda, a famous Japanese film director who is active today.

Apr.25 2020

​Introducing interesting historical figures, films, books, etc., to provide deeper context about the areas we have featured for quarantine days;​

      #1: Film director                   Yasujiro Ozu

Mar.6 2020

List of closure of establishments and event cancellation due to  COVID-19 concerns.

Nov.27 2019

​2nd edition has released​as ebook and paperback!


​-A Japan Guide to Nature, Culture, and Community,Vol. I: Kamakura and Enoshima is the first in a series of guidebooks

featuring the charming towns of Japan,highlighting their unique natural environments and one-of-a-kind cultures and communities.

It’s a convenient and handy all-in-one English guidebook to offer non-Japanese access to the local community’s experience of Japan and more

efficiently and meaningfully.  

Kamakura and Enoshima Island:
・have a history made rich from samurai warriors and Zen culture  
・have beaches and hiking trails.
・have a unique hybrid culture of old and new

LOCAL FOCUS features:
・210 pages in full color
・over 100 places to visit hand-picked by the production team
・at-a-glance icons indicating places with "English menus available," "Credit cards accepted," and "Barrier-free accessibility," etc. 

​ *Sample pages and more details are available in our videos and amazon sales site.

ヘッディング 3

​Offcial Promotion Video (3 mins.)

Guidebook Contents Digest (1 min.)

Organic Cafe, Ramen, and Donut Shop  (1 min.)

Exciting guide to help uncover even more to love in this wonderful city

"Now that I've had a few months with this guide, I have to say that the restaurants I've had the chance to visit so far have all been phenomenal. From traditional Japanese breakfast to high quality tempura, the content here has definitely been carefully selected, and are almost all spots I wouldn't have likely discovered on my own."

A labor of love produces a great guidebook

"There are very helpful maps and descriptions that could only come from people who are intimately familiar with their surroundings.

If you plan on traveling to Kamakura, and I have a number of times, this guidebook will be a great companion to take along on your journey."

The only Kakakura guide you will ever need

"This book presents a lot of great information in a concise, easy to read format. I started reading it a few hours ago and could not put it down. I already have so many pages bookmarked; map routes to follow, restaurants to visit, and places to shop. This book really has it all! "

The perfect guide to Kamakura

"It is not your ordinary guide. The writers provide a lot of interesting history of Kamakura and the surrounding area and some really cool places to visit as well. Many of these places are off the beaten path and only known by locals. The restaurants in these book are owned by some wonderful people who care about their craft, their city, the environment, the food they make, and the people who they serve such great food to.

Great guidebook of Kamakura

"I was looking for a good guide book for my friend coming to Japan and came across with this great book. I'd recommend it to all the travellers visiting Japan as it contains very useful pieces of information including history, restaurants, and places you should visit."


​LOCAL FOCUS Vol.1 Kamakurra & Enoshima 1st edition reveiwes on Amazon.com


P. 070  The store has closed down.

​P. 093  The store has closed down.

​P. 114  The restaurant has closed down.

​P. 135  The restaurant has closed down.

​P. 142  The store has closed down.

​P. 145  The hostel has closed down.

P. 195  In the last line in "Access to Zushi" section

           Shin-Zushi Station → Zushi-Hayama Station

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